We need a global conversation about Carbon Takeback

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An affordable backstop climate policy

A Carbon Takeback Obligation (CTBO) is a supply-side mitigation policy requiring extractors and importers of fossil fuels to recapture and permanently store a progressively increasing fraction of the CO2 generated by their activities and products. Using a new emulator we compare a CTBO to conventional mitigation scenarios for the first time. We discuss the outcomes below,…

Just to be Safe

We are now all working hard to install solar panels on our roofs, windmills at sea, and the number of cars running on electricity is growing fast. Despite all that, it is still difficult to reduce our fossil energy use. Global energy demand and the use of fossil fuels is still increasing.  And this means…

Get serious about Net Zero

To meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, we have to stop global warming before we stop using fossil fuels.

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