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Myles Allen

Professor Myles Allen studies and teaches climate at the University of Oxford. He first reported that achieving net zero emissions of carbon dioxide will be necessary to stop global warming in the mid-2000s, and has been working on the implications ever since.

Margriet Kuijper

Margriet Kuijper works as a consultant on CCS, CDR and climate policy. She worked for Shell for 30 years in climate change and CCS; and now leads a multi-stakeholder study investigating the potential of a CTBO policy in the Netherlands.

Paul Zakkour

Paul Zakkour is a founding Director of Carbon Counts, a consultancy specialised in international climate change policy. He is part of the CCS working group in the UNFCCC and an expert on low carbon technology development, deployment, financing and regulation. He is currently a policy advisor on the CTBO.

Patrick Dixon

Patrick Dixon is an independent advisor on CCS. He draws on his experience of working for BP, the UK nuclear decommissioning industry, and the UK CCS industry and BEIS to help investors and the UK government deliver real CCS projects.

Stuart Jenkins

Stuart Jenkins is a physical climate scientist in the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. He specialises in the analysis of global, regional and national Net Zero policy, and led the first study comparing a Carbon Takeback Obligation to conventional mitigation policy on cost and policy outcomes.

Mirte Boot

Mirte is a researcher and policy advisor policy working on developing the CTBO from within Oxford Net Zero, the University’s climate research institute. She is a recent graduate of the Master of public policy in Oxford, and has previously worked as a policy advisor for DCMS and as a co-manager of a green investment NGO.

Stuart Haszeldine

Stuart is a professor of carbon capture and storage at the University of Edinburgh and leader of the UK’s largest academic CCS research group. Stuart has over 30 years research experience in energy; innovating new approaches to oil and gas, radioactive waste, carbon capture and storage, and biochar. He has been working on CTBO since 2015, when achieving a discussion in the House of Lords Energy Bill, and is developing CCS deployment methods using geological storage, enhanced weathering, mineralisation, biomass, or Direct Air Capture is an information resource supported by Oxford Net Zero and the ClimateWorks Foundation, although the views expressed herein are those of the site authors