Read about the coverage of the Carbon Takeback Obligation in current news and media.

We Pay to Treat Waste Water, Why Not Waste Carbon? (14/09/2021)
Researchers propose that oil and gas companies should have to put the carbon they extract back underground

Carbon Take Back Obligation: make sure fossil fuels producers take responsibility for cleaning up CO2 (18/08/2021)

In this Nori podcast episode of Reversing Climate Change, Margriet Kuijper discusses the concept behind the Carbon Takeback Obligation (08/06/2021)

26/05/2021: Follow from 35:54s to hear more about the steps required to offset fossil fuel emissions and achieve NetZero with Jeremy Vine and Professor Myles Allen
In this Nori podcast episode of Reversing Climate Change, Eli Mitchell-Larson discusses the shift to carbon removal offsetting and why it is necessary for companies to support the development of NetZero. (04/05/2021)

Polluter Pays (21/04/2021)
On this episode of the BBC Radio 4 series ’39 Ways to Save the Planet’, Tom Heap hears from Professor Myles Allen and climate consultant Margriet Kuijper on the Carbon Takeback Obligation Concept. 

15/04/2021: Read about proposed ‘supply-side’ approaches to managing fossil fuel emissions, including the Carbon Takeback Obligation.
26/03/2021: Following the recent publication of Onward’s ‘Greening the Giants’ research report, which found that the Government would be unable to deliver on its commitment to NetZero by 2050 without radical action, this article summarises challenges and opportunities in achieving Net Zero, including the role of the Carbon Takeback Obligation.
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